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WACREN 2020 is the biggest rendezvous of all stakeholders of research and education in West and Central Africa. It brings together the richly diverse REN community and ecosystem.

Year after year, the event has served as the turf where the thinkers meet the deciders, and the doers meet the users. Key stakeholders of REN in West and Central Africa meet to map the future and direction of research and education network and innovation.

The 2020 Conference coincides with WACREN’s 10th Anniversary and will include a special ceremony to celebrate the occasion and the connection of some NRENs to the WACREN backbone.

Register and get ready to join us in Cotonou.


The WACREN 2020 theme – ‘Digital Transformation for Development’, was carefully selected in view of the current wave of discourse and pertinence of the subject across the world. Digital transformation has become quite imperative in almost every facet of life now. Therefore, it is importance to understand the role it plays in revamping infrastructure, application and services RENs offer to all stakeholders in our ecosystem and society as a whole.

Considering the quality and pedigree of invited Conference speakers, participants are sure to be enlightened, through the sharing of ideas, experiences, and thoughts, on the impact of digital transformation on development in society.

Attend to:

• enjoy highly engaging presentations, share insights and perspectives as well as discover opportunities for research collaboration.

• network with a richly diverse community of R&E professionals and technocrats from the WACREN region and beyond.

• understand the current and future trends of R&E in the WACREN region, across Africa and the globe, and the opportunities available to you.


In view of our quest to expand our footprints in the region and strengthen our national RENs, WACREN chose Benin where we have RBER – the Benin Research and Education Network.

The Conference is ably hosted by Agence pour le Développement du Numérique (ADN) – the agency in charge of digital communication under the Presidency of Benin.


As has been the tradition, the Conference will be preceded by several important meetings and workshops including the WACREN Board Meeting, Annual General Meeting, AfricaConnect3 Project Coordination and Administration Meetings, AC3 Communication Road-mapping Meeting, Technical Workshops and an inaugural WACREN Youth Day (a side event dedicated to youth in the community).

WACREN Conferences are always packed with insightful workshops, meetings and side events. A thrilling package awaits you at the Conference.

This maiden event is the platform for students and young professionals from the participating NRENs to showcase how NRENs could collaborate with other Internet stakeholder organizations to promote youth inclusion in technology development in Africa. WACREN Youth Day is a case-making event; participants would propose a new path for national RENs to have constant engagements with the youths in their respective jurisdictions in the areas of internet and tech.

A 3-day BGP configuration and operation hands-on training workshop on building resilient NRENs with ISIS/BGP routing and peering with WACREN network.

Participants will learn REN architecture (Layer 2 and Layer3), basic IS-IS and BGP routing and best practices for traffic engineering and peering.

Participants will learn about WACREN routing policy, Network practices and services for a better interconnection and collaboration in building the Regional REN.

The 5th LIBSENSE Workshop will be co-located at WACREN 2020. The full-day event is expected to gather library and REN collaborators to address Open Access publishing infrastructure for the African terrain. It is organized in collaboration with EIFL and the Coko Foundation.

This is one of the major highlights of the Conference as it will be a time to unwind, network and have informal discussions that could lead to great opportunities. Get your dancing shoes ready for a thrill of a lifetime at Azalai Hotel


The four-star rated Golden Tulip Le Diplomate Cotonou will host WACREN 2020. This carefully selected hospitality brand provides a home-away-from-home experience.

Enjoy the Conference and your stay here!


Domenico Rosa

Domenico Rosa

DG-DEVCO, European Commission

Erik Huizer

Erik Huizer


H.E. Prof Sarah Anyang Agbor

H.E. Prof Sarah Anyang Agbor

African Union Commission

Prof. Akilakper Sawyerr

Prof. Akilakper Sawyerr

African Educator & Legal Luminary


WACREN 2020 has gathered presenters who have conducted top-notch research in various sub-topics related to the theme of the Conference.


Cotonou is home to several world-class hotels with first-rate hospitality.  The Conference host has secured preferential room rates for registered delegates at Golden Tulip and other hotels listed.

Click here to see preferential rates secured just for you! Please mention ‘WACREN 2020’ when booking.












Registration is still open for this event. Please registration now to enable us plan for you to have a great experience.

Code of Conduct
WACREN is committed to making its events enabling events inclusive, respectful and safe environment.

WACREN 2020 is therefore guided by the highest ethical and professional standards, and all participants are expected to behave with integrity and respect towards all participants attending.



Conference Pass includes:

  1. Access to the official conference days and all sessions
  2. Coffee breaks and lunches
  3. Welcome Cocktail (Wednesday 18 March 2020)
  4. Gala Dinner (Thursday 19 March 2020)


Conference Pass includes:

  1. Access to the official conference days and all sessions
  2. Coffee breaks and lunches
  3. Welcome Cocktail (Wednesday 18 March 2020)
  4. Gala Dinner (Thursday 19 March 2020)


Conference Pass includes:

  1. Access to the official conference days and all sessions
  2. Coffee breaks and lunches
  3. Welcome Cocktail (Wednesday 18 March 2020)
  4. Gala Dinner (Thursday 19 March 2020)


WACREN and the local host advise all potentials participants to take personal responsibility for their travel arrangements, including Visa application to travel to Benin.

Culture and Life in Cotonou

Cotonou has a rich, diverse history ready to thrill anyone who wants to read, visit and experience the city. Though the root meaning of Cotonou is – by the river of death, ironically, the city very much alive during the day and night and every moment in-between. Do you want to take a deep dive into the history of the city? Go here


Local, regional and global bodies are welcome to sponsor WACREN 2020. The exciting thing is, the conference offers organisations the rare opportunity to meet and nurture business relations with high-profile members of the research and education ecosystem. Apart from this, organisations will have the opportunity to create top-of-the-mind brand awareness among participants while exploring new markets.

Host, Partners and Sponsors


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